An Ultimate Guide To Business Phone Numbers

Own a business and want to separate personal life from work life? Having a business phone number is the answer. Not only does it increase your company’s credibility, but it also allows for brand recognition by keeping your clients’ information private. It will be easier for customers to find and contact you, thus keeping it professional. This is all you need to know before implementing a business phone system.                                                             

What Is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number, or in other terms, a direct inward dialing (DID) number, is a telephone number that is not connected to a specific phone system. This means you can use the same business phone number on different devices anywhere and anytime you like.

Types of Business Phone Numbers

There are a few types of business phone numbers.

  • Local Numbers

Tied to a specific location, it allows for a trusted local presence. Many companies have multiple phone numbers for expansion throughout the country.

  • Toll-Free Numbers

Usually called ‘800 numbers,’ these are phone numbers that begin with prefixes above 800. They are free for customers to dial and are not tied to specific area codes. These are more affordable and a great option for small businesses.

  • Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers are a good choice for name recognition as you can input words into your number. It is also easier to memorize, so customers will know how to contact you on the go. The only downside is that many are already taken, so you need to improvise the words you want.

  • VoIP Numbers

The best for businesses as it allows you to be on the phone anywhere and anytime, as long as there is an internet connection. It is slightly pricier than others, but the additional features like third-party integration definitely make up for it. The ease of integrating applications with APIs means making work more efficient as all your software is incorporated. This is especially beneficial if you are a business owner because of how much time you save from trying to migrate or re-create all your data from one product to another.

When to Get It

Here are some indications as to when to decide if your company needs a business phone:

  • Increase in call volume

If you see an influx in calls, it is a sign to get a business phone. This way, it is easier to separate personal numbers from work, and customers can easily identify you.

  • Expansion

If you are going to expand your business, having a business phone number will let you keep things under control. You can encompass your business despite the location just through one phone system.

  • Remote workers

Especially during the pandemic, working from home became the norm, so accessibility is key in this case. Having a business phone through a VoIP provider will let you and your team work remotely from anywhere at any time.

Only One Call Away

The simplest and most reliable place to get a business phone number is from a VoIP provider. With many plans available to choose from, pick one that best suits your business and needs. Reap the benefits and increase your business revenue today!

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