Industries Ahoy Serves

Ahoy Telecom offers comprehensive, customizable business phone systems. Our team has the latest industry knowledge and resources to deliver great service and support for international calling, text messaging, recording services, and managed security.

Our objective is to provide uninterrupted service to prevent downtime-related financial losses. We offer network monitoring services in addition to system installation to keep your team in contact with end users without losing time. Ahoy Telecom will supply your business’s voice services, improving your customers’ experiences and retaining them as clients.

SIP Trunking

Telecom for Automotive

Ahoy Telecom offers advanced voice systems for automotive companies to maintain regular customer contact and enhanced after-sales service. Our business phone systems streamline communication, engage clients, and reduce costs, ultimately improving overall work processes for automotive businesses.

Telecom for Construction

We offer quality business phone systems to streamline communication within the construction industry. Our integrated telecom and data services enable seamless messaging, video conferencing, and device-agnostic call handling.

Telecom for Consumer Services

Ahoy Telecom provides custom unified comms solutions to businesses in the consumer services industry. From customized phone systems to mobile solutions, we have everything you need to streamline your operations and provide excellent customer service.

Telecom for Education

Ahoy Telecom ensures the efficient dissemination of important information via reliable communication channels like business phone systems. We offer cutting-edge and affordable business phone systems tailored to educational institutions, facilitating seamless communication among all parties involved.

Telecom for Financial Services

Ahoy Telecom offers customizable business phone systems tailored to the unique calling needs of financial service companies, facilitating seamless communication with clients and internal departments. Enhance your client experience and streamline connections with our reliable communication platform, featuring full-featured support for constant contact.

Telecom for Government

Ahoy Telecom offers reliable business phone systems to government agencies, facilitating efficient communication for disseminating updates and engaging with the public. Agencies can deliver high-value, citizen-focused services from any location, making community engagement simpler and more efficient.

Telecom for Healthcare

Ahoy Telecom offers dependable business phone systems tailored to the communication needs of healthcare organizations, facilitating seamless interaction between staff and patients. With comprehensive features, healthcare institutions can ensure timely communication of crucial patient data and resolve medical inquiries effectively.

Telecom for High Tech

Ahoy Telecom offers modern communication systems tailored to the needs of the tech sector, facilitating smooth engagement with end-users and internal collaboration across departments. With their voice and data services, businesses can enhance communication, drive work progress, and stay connected with staff, customers, and partners across different time zones.

Telecom for Manufacturing

Ahoy Telecom offers reliable business phone systems tailored to the manufacturing industry, facilitating seamless communication between administrative and production teams to ensure processes meet standards and consumer demands. With optimized workflows and real-time innovation support, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and stay ahead of important process changes.

Telecom for Non-profit

Ahoy Telecom offers reliable business phone systems tailored to nonprofit organizations, enabling constant communication with donors and volunteers through video conferencing, texting, and voice services. With streamlined communication and data services, we empower nonprofits to create rapid progress and streamline operational processes, whether it’s for fundraising or inter-organization collaboration.

Telecom for Real Estate

Ahoy Telecom offers seamless voice services to support essential consumer services like receiving feedback, responding to inquiries, and disseminating information. Our business phone systems can include messaging, video, and phone capabilities. Businesses can enhance productivity, collaboration, and client engagement in the real estate industry.

Telecom for Retail

Ahoy Telecom offers full-featured business phone systems to improve customer experience in the retail industry, allowing consumers to connect with stores for inquiries or information exchange easily. With a one-stop communication channel, retailers can seamlessly connect with customers online, in-store, and across all platforms, ensuring convenience and reliability regardless of business scale.