3CX Phone Systems Hosted PBX Provider Solutions

Reliable, Flexible, Affordable

Unlimited Users Start as low as $199/mo

Hosted PBX allows you to move your Business telephone system to the cloud while enjoying all of the advanced benefits that a dedicated PBX offers. Unlike other hosted PBX offerings, our 3CX hosted PBX is based on a dedicated 3CX PBX platform and offers greater features, more flexibility, and advanced integration as a no-hassle, turn-key solution. Hosted PBX from Ahoy Telecom includes our 3CX Approved SIP Trunking to increase reliability and redundancy while decreasing cost.

Ahoy Telecom will install a dedicated 3CX PBX instance for your company in our redundant cloud infrastructure. This hosted PBX instance will reside in our redundant datacenter facilities; and we will maintain all of the hosted equipment, software, upgrades, maintenance, 3CX licensing, and configuration backup. In addition to a turn-key hosted solution, Ahoy Telecom Hosted PBX service includes our US based 3CX Advanced Certified support. By leveraging Ahoy Telecom 3CX Advanced Certified engineers, you are afforded the time to focus on what’s important – running your business. While our turn-key solution does include full system management, administrative access is also directly available to our subscribers.

Advantages of the 3CX Hosted PBX

  • Unlimited users and registered devices (no per user fees)
  • Unlimited usage 3CX Approved SIP Trunking
  • Included 3CX annual licensing
  • Included softphones for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone
  • Included redundant enterprise hosting
  • Included PBX monitoring and backup
  • Included software updates
  • Turn-key installation, setup, and configuration
  • Included system management
  • Dedicated hosted 3CX PBX is more secure and reliable than a ‘shared’ solution
  • Nationwide number portability – Keep your existing telephone number(s)
  • CRM integration included with Professional and Enterprise Edition

In addition to these turn-key packages, Ahoy Telecom provides un-bundled solutions including the following: customer managed 3CX license hosting, usage based sip trunking, bring your own sip trunk hosted PBX, 3CX support packages, 3CX licensing, remote 3CX installation assistance, and hosted fax solutions.

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