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3CX Webmeeting Video Conferencing is Included FREE with 3CX Hosted PBX

Video Conferencing – How can it Transform Your Communications?

Often there is a need to meet face-to-face with both your existing and prospective customers, as well as your employees, but due to time and budget constraints, an on-site visit might not always be possible, especially if the people you need to communicate with are in different countries.

Video conferencing makes it easy to connect with people anywhere in the world. Your sales pitch, product presentation, interview or company-wide announcement can still have that personal touch even if your participants are in a different continent. A video conference allows you to put a face to a name and voice and really get your message across the way you intend it.

3CX WebMeeting – The Video Conferencing Solution of Choice

3CX WebMeeting is an unparalleled, clientless web conferencing and collaboration solution that transforms your communications, increases productivity, slashes travel expenses, boosts customer service and propels sales!

Take your standard phone call to the next level by adding interactive features that enrich your communications. With HD video, you’re making eye to eye contact with your participants, judging the success of your meeting in real-time. You no longer need to guess your customer’s reactions or feelings to your sales pitch, as video conferencing presents their facial cues.

You can go further and achieve more with the in-built video conferencing features 3CX WebMeeting has to offer. Share your PowerPoint presentation, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, desktop or your latest advertorial design with your colleagues. Leverage the online whiteboard feature and collaborate interactively by brainstorming ideas and build presentations and reports together with your team quickly and effectively.

Set up and host webinars with 3CX WebMeeting in minutes, without needing your IT staff on hand. Webinars are a fantastic way of generating quality leads and growing your business. In just a few mouse clicks and without any training, you can arrange and present your product or service to hundreds of potential customers from your own computer whilst seamlessly bringing in joint speakers.

Key Video Conferencing Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Leverages WebRTC technology enabling clientless video calls
  • Document & PowerPoint Sharing
  • Advanced online classroom features
  • Text Chat & File Transfer
  • Screen Sharing & Remote Control
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