SMS Text Messaging Services

Ahoy Telecom SMS Text Messaging enhances customer engagement with 2-way messaging and is easily integrated with your other applications. Our simple, email based interface allows you to instantly enable SMS messaging within your organization and requires no programming or development skills. Incoming SMS messages to your business numbers are delivered via email and replies to those emails are delivered via SMS. It’s that simple!


  • Maximize sales opportunities
  • Provide better support
  • Reduce missed calls
  • Engage in 2-way SMS conversations
  • Simple email interface
  • SMS enable your existing and new telephone numbers
  • Integrate with your website, CRM, ticketing system, and more
  • No programming or development skill requirements
  • Instant activation
  • Person-to-person messaging
  • SMS-to-email messaging
  • SMS-to-3CX messaging

We also offer SMS marketing messaging services. Learn more!