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Ahoy Telecom, a nationwide SIP Trunking Provider and 3CX Platinum Partner, offers business telephony and telecom consulting, ensuring uninterrupted, mission-critical voice services.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking service by Ahoy Telecom can lower your monthly phone bill by 40-60%. It provides a range of business VoIP telephone services and business SIP trunking, offering increased functionality, flexibility, and savings. Features include local number portability, toll-free service, inbound caller ID, E911 support, and different pricing models to fit any business size​.

3CX Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX allows you to move your Business telephone system to the cloud while enjoying all of the advanced benefits that a dedicated PBX offers. Unlike other hosted PBX offerings, our 3CX hosted PBX is based on a dedicated 3CX PBX platform and offers greater features, more flexibility, and advanced integration as a no-hassle, turn-key solution. Hosted PBX from Ahoy Telecom includes our 3CX Approved SIP Trunking to increase reliability and redundancy while decreasing cost.

3CX Licensing

3CX pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls your company needs to make and not the number of extensions or users. This includes internal and external calls. This makes 3CX pricing much more competitive than other phone systems that charge per user.

1 simultaneous call per 3-4 people works best for most businesses. For example, if you have 50 people, you’ll need a 16 SC license. If you’re unsure, buy your license using this ratio and you can easily upgrade it later if needed.

Fax Over IP

Ahoy Telecom has removed the complexity from enterprise faxing with our reliable, HIPAA compliant fax over IP solution. With all of the advances in communications, there are still many industries that rely heavily upon fax communications. Ahoy Telecom has integrated the ability to send and receive faxes securely and reliably into a modern and more usable interface.

SMS Text Messaging

Ahoy Telecom’s SMS Text Messaging service enhances customer engagement with 2-way messaging which can be easily integrated with other applications within an organization. It offers instant activation, simple email interface for sending and receiving messages, and no programming or development skills are required to enable this service​.

International Phone Numbers

Ahoy Telecom delivers the flexibility of phone number support in 100+ countries, which enables organizations to establish virtual presence in locations, where they do not have physical offices or local employees. This includes the ability to add national toll-free or geography-specific direct inward dial (DID) numbers. In addition, in a subset of over 40 key markets, Ahoy Telecom is able to port existing numbers to its communications services.