3CX Licensing Subscriptions Pricing

Annual – Pro or Enterprise

How Does 3CX License Pricing Work?

3CX licenses are an annual license subscription based on the number of simultaneous calls your business needs to make. 3CX licenses come in 2 tiers: Professional and Enterprise.

Professional – From $225 per year, from 4-1025 simultaneous calls. A Professional 3CX license provides call center features for queue agents, Microsoft 365 and CRM integrations, call recording and advanced call reports.

Enterprise – From $300 per year, from 4-1025 simultaneous calls. An Enterprise 3CX license provides Skill-based call routing, inbuilt fail-over, handset branding and start/stop call recording rights from 3CX clients.

How Are 3CX Licenses Priced?

3CX pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls your company needs to make and not the number of extensions or users. This includes internal and external calls. This makes 3CX pricing much more competitive than other phone systems that charge per user.

1 simultaneous call per 3-4 people works best for most businesses. For example, if you have 50 people, you’ll need a 16 SC license. If you’re unsure, buy your license using this ratio and you can easily upgrade it later if needed.

What’s included in an Annual 3CX License?

3CX SMTP Service – to receive alerts and notifications
Security updates
3CX FQDN service
Auto-renewal of Let’s encrypt SSL Certificate
Seamless use of the iOS and Android Apps
PBX Updates – Get the latest versions and service packs of 3CX
IP Phone Firmware and Template Updates
CRM Updates and additions
VoIP Provider Templates Updates and additions
3CX WebMeeting – Web conferencing features for all users
3CX Softphone app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Web
Unlimited Extensions

What’s not included in an Annual 3CX License?

Hosting – You can host your 3CX server on premise, in your own cloud infrastructure, in 3CX’s cloud infrastructure (additional fees apply), or we can professionally host your 3CX server here at Ahoy Telecom. If we host it for you, we include full backups and support.

SIP Trunks – You need at least one SIP trunk in order to make or receive calls. 3CX supports all major carrier SIP Trunks. We recommend our Ahoy Telecom SIP Trunks which work perfectly with 3CX and are priced competitively.

Hardware – 3CX can be used without desk phones, however most business require them. You can purchase Yealink, Fanvil, Snom or Grandstream phones direct from us at Ahoy Telecom for exceptional prices.

Setup & Support – If you opt to host your own 3CX server, then setup and support would be your responsibility. If you host your 3CX server with us at Ahoy Telecom, we handle everything for you from initial setup to ongoing support and necessary changes.

How To Upgrade, Downgrade or Renew?

3CX licenses can be upgraded at any time. You just need to let us know and we will invoice you for the difference in the license cost for the remaining period.

3CX licenses can only be downgraded on the anniversary date or your original purchase. A new license key will have to be generated and you will replace your old key with the now one.

3CX License renewals are simple, you just pay the maintenance through us here at Ahoy Telecom and we take care of the rest.

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