What Is A Virtual Phone Number & Why Do You Need One?

A virtual phone number is one that is not bound by physical location. It can be used anywhere and anytime, which is perfect for any business. Whether you’re a small or big business owner, a virtual phone number will do you good. Virtual phone numbers also provide privacy over your landlines and are critical when accepting overseas calls.

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

Local Numbers

As local virtual phone numbers are tied to a specific location, they allow businesses to build a trusted local presence. Many companies have multiple phone numbers for expansion throughout the country.

Toll-Free Numbers

Usually called “800 numbers”, these are phone numbers that begin with prefixes above 800. They are free for customers to dial and are not tied to specific area codes. These are more affordable and a great option for small businesses.

Vanity Numbers

These are the best for name recognition, as you can input words into your number. It is also easier to memorize, so customers know how to contact you on the go. The only downside is that many are already taken, so you need to improvise the words you want.

VoIP Numbers

Voice over internet protocol numbers are the best for businesses as they allow you to be on the phone anywhere and anytime — as long as there is an internet connection. It is slightly pricier than others, but the additional features like third-party integration definitely make up for it. The ease of integrating applications with APIs means making work more efficient as all your software is incorporated. This is especially beneficial if you are a business owner because of how much time you save from trying to migrate or re-create all your data from one product to another.

How It Works

Virtual numbers use VoIP instead of a traditional SIM card. Just with a simple internet connection, phone calls are now digitized. You can also answer calls from different devices through the app. 

Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Modern Voicemail

Instead of listening to voicemail, a virtual phone system allows you to get voicemail through email. It transcribes the message and emails it to you almost immediately.

Lower Cost

A virtual phone system lets people from all over the world call you without additional charges. Be it a toll-free number or discounted local phone number, your global callers will highly appreciate it.

Better Caller Satisfaction

As a cloud phone service, the auto attendant function will greet callers and provide an easy-to-understand menu to contact the right person. This makes sure callers do not waste time trying to explain their issue to someone who wouldn’t be familiar with that aspect. Traditional phone systems don’t have this, so virtual phone numbers are the way to improve customer satisfaction.

Better Work-Life Balance

For remote workers, virtual phone numbers are a way to ensure privacy. They can mask their caller ID so they can work with peace of mind. This is especially useful if your business has a work-from-home culture or aspires to go fully remote.

Get a Virtual Phone Number Today

Reliable, flexible, and affordable virtual phone numbers benefit any growing company. The simplest way to get one is through a VoIP provider. Your VoIP provider will walk you through the setup process, during which you will select your phone number and phone number method: local, toll-free, vanity, or VoIP. 

If you work with a no-hassle provider, the most you’ll have to do is provide simple setup information. Premium virtual phone number providers will handle the technical parts.

Ahoy Telecom is one such VoIP provider, and we specialize in business phone systems. We’ll help you figure out the best option for your business and implement every little detail for you.

Go virtual today to make communications less of a hassle.

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