3CX Licenses: Understanding the Licensing Model

Efficient communication is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s to enhance customer service or increase collaboration among team members, having a reliable and feature-rich phone system is paramount. 

As a 3CX licensing provider, we offer a range of licenses tailored to meet organizations’ unique needs and requirements. Let’s examine 3CX’s licensing model, exploring the different license types available, their features and capabilities, pricing structure, and how they relate to Ahoy Telecom’s offerings.

3CX License Types

It is important to note that each license tier builds upon the features of the previous one. This means that businesses opting for a Pro or Enterprise license will have access to all features provided in the Standard license, making the upgrade process straightforward and convenient. Organizations can choose the license tier that best suits their current needs while having the flexibility to scale up as their requirements evolve.

1. Standard License

The Standard license is the starting point for businesses looking to implement 3CX. It provides essential features for effective communication, including unlimited extensions, a web-based management console, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and more. With this license tier, organizations can easily connect with customers and colleagues while enjoying a user-friendly interface.

2. Pro License

For businesses seeking advanced capabilities, the Pro license offers an array of additional features. The Pro license boasts robust functionalities, such as integrated video conferencing and screen sharing, call center features like real-time queue monitoring and reporting, CRM integration with popular applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and more. With these added functionalities, businesses can streamline their operations and provide a seamless experience to their customers.

3. Enterprise License

The Enterprise license is designed for organizations requiring enterprise-level features and scalability. In addition to Pro license features, this tier brings features like automatic call recording and virtual receptionist functionality to your communication setup. 

The virtual receptionist provides a personalized welcome message to callers while also allowing them to navigate through options via voice prompts, ensuring smooth call handling even during peak times. The Enterprise license also includes failover support for uninterrupted communications should there be any network or hardware issues.

Pricing Structure for 3CX Licenses

Pricing for 3CX licenses is based on a concurrent call model, meaning that a license is required for each simultaneous call rather than per user. This allows businesses to have multiple users and extensions without incurring additional costs if the number of concurrent calls remains within the licensed capacity. This pricing model provides businesses with cost-saving benefits by eliminating per-user charges and accommodating organizations of various sizes.

In terms of recurring costs or additional fees, 3CX offers maintenance packages that provide ongoing updates and technical support. Maintenance packages are optional but highly recommended to ensure businesses stay up-to-date with the latest features and benefit from responsive technical support.

Did You Know You Can Get a 3CX License From Ahoy?

As an authorized 3CX partner, Ahoy Telecom offers expertise and support in implementing 3CX phone systems for businesses. With Ahoy Telecom’s expert team, businesses can seamlessly integrate 3CX into their communication infrastructure, leveraging its extensive features to enhance productivity and customer service. Additionally, Ahoy Telecom provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure businesses get the most out of their 3CX licenses.

Understanding the licensing model offered by 3CX is crucial for businesses looking to implement a business phone system that aligns with their needs. With different license tiers like Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, organizations can select the features that best suit their requirements while having the flexibility to scale up as needed. 

By getting a 3CX license from Ahoy Telecom, businesses can seamlessly maximize their communication capabilities. Call us today! 

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